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We help IONM managers find relief technologists.

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IONM Staffing Made Easy

Don't fear not being able to cover your next surgery. We have over 80 CNIM and DABNM technologists in our database across 24 states, available to provide you with relief staffing to cover your gaps. We help you avoid:

  • Failing to provide excellent patient care because there is no staff to cover.
  • Hiring excessive staff.
  • Losing money and contracts to the competition due to staffing/service gaps.
  • Growth stagnation of your IONM service because of inflexible staffing.

Services Offered

Fees are only charged when services are provided. There is no minimum commitment.

  1. IONM Relief – Flex your IONM staff up and down for a daily rate to match your coverage requirements.
  2. IONM Permanent (FT or PT) Placement – If an IONM candidate is placed, a onetime fee will be applied for this service.
  3. Missions – This is a free service by IONM Life to match IONM technologists and professionals with Mission Teams.

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IONM Tech-backup in 4 easy steps.

  1. click the Contact button at the top of the page.
  2. Provide your contact information and coverage you may need.
  3. We will send you our no-commitment contract with pricing to review. You only pay if you use our services.
  4. Sign and send back the contract. You are now ready to request technologists.

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