IONM Life Membership

We help IONM technologists, clinicians and neurophysiologists who are stuck in overworked jobs find well-paying relief or traditional opportunities so they have more flexibility to enjoy their lives.

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Embrace the IONM Lifestyle

Nobody should feel trapped in a job that does not let them have a life. As an IONM expert, your skills are in demand. You should have the freedom to decide when, where and how much you want to work. By becoming an IONM Life member, we can help you with that.

  • Want to make extra money on your time off?
  • Looking for a change of scenery?
  • Hoping for a short-term relief opportunity, followed by some free time to take that vacation you need?
  • Looking for teaching opportunities?
  • Need to spend more time at home with the kids?

Whatever your lifestyle goal is, at IONM Life we help find you opportunities to build the career you love.

Becoming An IONM Life Member:

  1. Click the "Sign Up" button
  2. Create your Account (username/email)
  3. Fill out the Profile Page
  4. Receive emails about opportunities.

That's it.

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IONM Life Promise to Members

  1. MEMBERSHIP is free  There is zero commitment when you sign up.
  2. PRIVACY is sacred.  Your name is only shared with the specific hospital or group that you have agreed to work for and which you have given us your permission to share it with. Your membership is confidential.
  3. TRAVEL EXPENSES for relief assignements are covered  (except parking, tolls and meals).
  4. CREDENTIALING COSTS are covered.
  5. INSURANCE is covered while working on assignment with us.
  6. Owning EQUIPMENT or an IONM systems is not required.

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